Campaign Systems&Management

Comprehensive services for the design and maintenance of the campaign process.

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Increase your marketing campaigns role

We have extensive experience in operating, maintaining and developing the campaign systems. Based on knowledge of the campaign processes in telco area, Ailleron gives you an opportunity to increase responses from marketing campaigns and raise the value of customers. We will design contact policy and customer journey’s approach. Experience with iLumio and LiveBank products gives us advantage in delivering services related to campaigning systems in the financial and tourism industry as well.


  • Experienced and comprehensive team

    Business and technology.

  • Full services range

    Ailleron provides full range of services – from design and implementation, to support and development.

  • Goal-oriented

    We focus on responses and arpu.

  • Contact policy

    How to break through the communication chaos.

  • Customer journey’s

    How to use campaign systems to design global campaign strategy.

Campaign Systems&Management in numbers

  • 5000+ campaign implemented by Ailleron team
  • 200+ CRs implemented
  • 20 milion customers communicated through the systems maintained
  • 2 Mobile Operators are using our solution or maintenance

Technical capabilities

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Witold Gawłowski

Witold GawłowskiTelecommunication Services Director

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