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In touch with the latest trends, Ailleron’s Media Server allows you to redefine MRF, SRF and IVR vision at your business.

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Designed to serve your media

Mighty and dignified like Humpback, Ailleron's Media Server offers new level of performance and excellence among all media servers. With its standardized interfaces, clear logic and processing force allowing various media-related applications for fast market appearance. We raise the bar of perfection, empowering our solution to be the best choice for your network.

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  • Entertainment and announcements

    Great base for RBT, Voice Mail, SRF or IVR system.

  • Business support

    Performs media for MRF, Recorder, conferencing or unified communication system.

  • WebRTC compliant

    Advanced WWW based applications including conferencing and recording.

  • Multiple codecs

    We transcode between HD & SD on the fly, including EVS.

  • Multi-purpose

    One Media Server can serve several voice applications and save costs.

Media Server in numbers

  • 6 million of RBT customers entertained via Media Server
  • 4000 media ports in a single media sourcing installation
  • 12 million clients in voice mail service based on our solution
  • 1000 RTP sessions handled by one server

Technical capabilities

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