Trusted, well-organized and supervised message delivery with Ailleron's Messaging Orchestration secures your business.

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Reliable message delivery

Harmony and order is what Messaging Orchestration brings to operator's back-end network. Successful message distribution across multiple platforms, clients and services are key factors for a well managed network and supports business in handling messaging services management. Ailleron's application is ready to guard message delivery in your network.


  • Message management

    Including functionalities: message flow, throttle, messages log, load sharing, etc.

  • Data security

    Sophisticated data replication mechanism assuring data security.

  • External errors immune

    Unreliability of systems adjacent attenuated by sufficient capacity to receive and store messages for a period of 24 hours.

  • Integration octopus

    Numerous interfaces to integrate with operator and client services.

  • Reports & Statistics

    Supports summaries, analytics and monitoring of services.

Messaging Orchestration in numbers

  • 1000 messages per second handling per server
  • 10 Integrations with external systems
  • 600 days without downtime and increasing
  • 12 milion subscribers in range of service

Technical capabilities

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Tomasz KiserSVP and Head of Telecommunication

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