A carrier-grade solutions based on complete telecommunication platforms.

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Technology has never been an issue

Ailleron has vast experience with utilizing open-source technology in scalable, carrier-grade environments. With decreasing ARPU from telephony services, Open Source platforms provide a cost effective alternative to traditional commercial products. We offer carrier-grade solutions based on complete telecommunication platforms or can implement custom services in SIP Selvet or Jain SLEE frameworks.


  • SIP servlets

    Custom SIP applications based on industry standard SIP Serlvet API.

  • Jain SLEE

    Carrier-grade applications written in Jain SLEE.

  • OpenSIPS and Kamailio

    Scalable platforms based on industry proven Open-Source SIP server.

  • FreeSWITCH

    Enhanced and custom developed voice services.

  • Full services range

    Full range of BroadWorks integration services – design, implementation, provisioning, custom development and support.

Open-source Platforms in numbers

  • 4 Mobile Operators are using our solution
  • 20 applications delivered
  • 40 engineers < Team

Technical capabilities

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Witold Gawłowski

Witold GawłowskiTelecommunication Services Director

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