Your business can now be pushed to a level up with proven and adaptable solution for audio, video and screen recording.

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Telco grade recording solution

Ailleron’s Recording Server is a media based application for recording any call in an operator's network. Offered solution opens a gate to an unexplored revenue stream and the possibility to target wide spectrum markets, including B2B and B2C. The recorder can be served as a base for any VAS service and increase potency of your business portfolio.

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  • Omni-channel recording

    Enabling voice, video and screen capturing at once.

  • Listen to active call

    Great supervisory tool that allows you to join and listen to any call as a silent 3rd party caller.

  • Conference recording

    Allows you to record one or multiple streams from video- or teleconference.

  • Recording profiles

    Different schemes of recording for different groups of clients, including always record and record on demand.

  • Permissions and leveled access

    Access to records and system settings depending on roles & permissions assigned.

Recording Server in numbers

  • 4 operators in a single country using our Recording Server
  • 10 million subscribers for voice deposit
  • 500 simultaneous calls
  • 365 days or more, for records storage

Technical capabilities

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