A great middle-ware application that pushes services activation and its management to the next level.

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Your service enabler

Open a great chance to gain additional revenue by offering simple and attractive VAS services. Service Delivery Platform allows you to build and manage a pleasant environment between operators, customers and content providers. Our product reveals opportunity for simple sell & manage of VAS services gathered in one place. Start to promote, engage and improve with Ailleron's SDP.


  • Scheduled delivery

    Deliver dedicated messages according to scheduler.

  • Open for numerous services

    Offer welcome, alerts, helps, content, auto-renewal messages, jokes, info of the day or prayers.

  • Several charging schemes

    Including MO, MT premium, direct billing or cyclic charge.

  • Omni channel integration

    Including SMS, MMS, IVR, USSD, WAP and API.

  • Device capability verification

    Integration to operator systems certainly allows message delivery according to subscriber's device capabilities.

Service Delivery Platform in numbers

  • 120 services offered to customers
  • 400 messages per second with dedicated service content delivery
  • 1000 days of work for stable and robust platform
  • 4 months for full integration & deployment

Technical capabilities

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Tomasz Kiser

Tomasz KiserSVP and Head of Telecommunication

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