Software house & integration

Comprehensive IT & Telecommunication solutions and services dedicated to different market sectors.
We develop and implement flexible and modern solutions based on our own and our business partners' products.

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Meet our products for Software house & integration

Custom applications

Ailleron as one of leading Software Houses creating an application which focus on customer needs. The final solution may be based on one of the frameworks, products or it can be built from scratch. It depends on performance and expected time to market value.

Campaign Systems&Management

We provide implementation, maintenance of campaign systems and campaigns configuration. We also offer you support to identify the development needs of your campaign systems. Based on the experience of this area, we have skills to design a campaign system from scratch that fully meets the needs of each customer.


We are your partner of choice for the integration of data and applications and middleware infrastructure based on Tibco, MuleSoft or open source technologies. We are experienced in installing, developing and maintaining the entire environment.


Ailleron is one of leading devops oriented Software Houses with wide experienced with Elastic Stack solutions which enables index lifecycle management, frozen indices, Bkd-backed geoshapes or Elasticsearch SQL enhancements.

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Witold Gawłowski

Witold GawłowskiTelecommunication Services Director

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