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Our value-added messaging products will reliably deliver each and every message in your network.

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Meet our products for VAS & Messaging

Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a reliable solution that will allow your clients to use a seamless and secure method of authentication, authorization and identification. Ailleron's Mobile Connect ensures unique comfort and freedom to lead a truly password-free and login-free lifestyle.

Messaging Orchestration

A Messaging Orchestration product brings harmonization and proper message management distributed across multiple platforms and clients. A feature rich messaging enabler guards perfection of message delivery in your network.

Call Completion

The Call Completion platform allows to turn non-profitable call attempts to revenue generating voice traffic. The set of call completion sub products boosts voice call and simply translates to satisfaction on the operator and customer’s end.

USSD Gateway

USSD Gateway is a solution that allows to handle incoming and outgoing USSD traffic. Ailleron’s solution is characterized by high scalability, flexibility and vast configuration possibilities to provide operator with the best USSD channel utilization.

Service Delivery Platform

Ailleron’s Service Delivery Platform is a middle-ware application for providing services via different communication channels depending on user subscriptions. Our product ensures service management that simply converse and creates new revenue chances.

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