Experience a real-life human-to-human conversation from everywhere, via any device and at any time.

Great video communication enabler

Ailleron's Video Platform introduces and runs the whole panorama of video, face-to-face niche services such as e-accountant, e-stylist, e-native speaker and more, ensuring easy access to a variety of lifestyle and everyday living services consultants at hand. The solution is bringing the solid recurring revenue for operator and gives unique experience for customers.


  • Virtual department

    Enhanced tools to satisfy communication with client including sign deals - efficient and cost saving solution.

  • Different channels

    Access to a variety consultations via video, audio, chat.

  • Work on a shared document

    Possibility to draw, underline or highlight desired section.

  • Various camera modes

    Including a front camera, a rear camera, front and rear cameras used at the same time.

  • Recording session

    Omni channel with transcoding and recording features.

Video Platform in numbers

  • 6 mobile operators performing on Ailleron's platform
  • 8 Video Platforms implemented
  • 20+ types of consultations on one platform
  • 3500 companies providing various services on the Video Platform

Technical capabilities

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Tomasz Kiser

Tomasz KiserSVP and Head of Telecommunication